Christ’s Return in 1874 – MP3 links (2008 CONNELLSVILLE, PA CONVENTION)

The following are links to MP3 recordings to the discourses given at the 2008 Connesville, PA Convention. Please note the the owner of this site does not necessarily agree with all conclusions presented by these speakers.

  1. Technical Definitions of Key Terms – Jerry Leslie
  2. Scriptural Proofs of Jesus’ Personal Return – October 1874 – Laddie Stewart
  3. Evidences of Jesus’ Return (Matthew 24) – Dan Ledwinka
  4. Panel Discussion: Importance of Believing in Jesus’ Personal Return – Ric Cunningham, Dan Ledwinka, Jerry Leslie, Laddie Stewart
  5. Study: Preparing to Meet Our Bridegroom – Dan Slivinsky
  6. The Practical Significance of Jesus’ Personal Return – Dan Slivinsky
  7. Hearing the Voice of the Bridegroom – Ric Cunningham

God willing, we may be adding our own comments to this as time permits.