Various Views on Bible Chronology

Views by Bible Students

Views and conclusions presented by the following authors whose works are linked to below are not necessarily our own views.

A Confirmation of the True Bible Chronology – Charles Redeker
A Discussion of two Differing Chronologies – Paul Mezera
A Test of Time – Robert Gray
About Our Chronology and Time Prophecies – Jeff Mezera

Bible Chronology – Charles Taze Russell
Bible Chronology – John and Morton Edgar
Bible Chronology – M.S.Mariadas and Y.R.Dinakaran
Bible Chronology – N. H. Barbour

Calculating Across BC and AD – Steve Palmgren
Chronology Based on Faith – Charles Taze Russell
Chronology Charts
Chronology For Us Common Folk – David Doran
Chronology Proofs – Frank Shallieu
Chronology Study – Morton Edgar
Comparative Chronology Chart (Bowen-Elliott/Clinton Chronologies as well as others)
Date of Nehemiah’s Commission – Ric Cunningham

Earth’s Great Jubilee
Erroneous Chronology and False Conclusions – Charles Taze Russell
Exaustive Research and Examination of Propheticand Historic Testimony Relating to the Divine Times and Seasons — Herald Magazine

Daniel, the Beloved of Jehovah – R. E. Streeter
Dating the Desolation – Jerry Leslie

Histories, Chronologies, Chronologists and Time Prophecies – Mezera
How Old Was Xerxes – Ric Cunningham
How Secular and Bible Chronology Agree – Herald Magazine
Horae Apocalypticae Chronology – E. B. Elliot – First Edition * Second Edition * Third Edition * Fourth Edition * Fifth Edition

Is Our Bible Chronlogy Credible? – Charles Redeker

Marking Time – Jerry Leslie
Mistakes of Ptolemy, the Pagan Historian – Morton Edgar
Mr. Dimbley’s Chronology – Charles Taze Russell

Period of the Desolation – Peter Karavas
Period of the Judges – Peter Karavas

Resolving Chronology of the Second Millennium BC (James Parkinson)

Sabbath Venerable Tradition – Jerry Leslie
Say Ye Not, a Confederacy (Isa. 8:12) – Jerry Leslie

The 450 Year Period of the Judges – Morton Edgar
The Biblical Seventy Years (Redekker)
The Divine Plan and its Chronology (Paul Mezera)
The Biblical Prophetic Year – Charles Redekker
The Biblical 70 Years – Charles Redeker
The Gospel Age – David S. Doran
The Present Age and Times to Come – Hugo Karlén
The Thousand Years and Question of Parallels and Harvests – New Albany Bible Students
The True Bible Chronology – Raju Krishna
The Twentieth Year of Artaxerxes – John and Morton Edgar
Time and Prophecy (David Rice)
Time Features – John Edgar
Timeline of the 7000 Years (Paul Mezera)
Times and Seasons – Charles Taze Russell
True Bible Chronology Stated A.M.

Where Are We – Ken Rawson
Which is the True Chronology? — Julian T. Gray

Zero Year — a “red herring” — Jerry Leslie