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A Grammar of New Testament Greek
Basics of Bible Greek Grammar – William Mounce
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Most of the links below provide free material online, although there may be some links provided whereby you may purchase books online. While we feel that there is valuable information on all of the pages linked to below, we do not necessarily agree with all conclusions of the various authors linked to.

General Bible Dictionaries

American Tract Society Dictionary (HTML)

Easton’s Bible Dictionary (pdf)

Hitchcock’s Bible Names Dictionary (pdf)

International Bible Standard Encyclopedia (html)

Scripture Names Dictionary (html)

Smith’s Bible Dictionary (html)

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Greek Dictionaries/Lexicons

Strong’s Greek Definitions (pdf)

Strong’s OLB Expanded Definitions of the Greek Language Lexicon (pdf)


Textual Accuracy/Corruption

Manuscript Evidence and the English New Testament

Significant Corrections to the AV (KJV) New Testament

Significant Corrections to the NIV New Testament

The Johannine Comma (1 John 5:7,8)

Variations Within the Received Text Tradition

A Statistical Comparison of Editions of the Greek New Testament

Westcott & Hort Vs. Textus Receptus: Which is Superior? – by By Douglas Kutilek

What is the Textus Receptus? – By Dr. Herbert Samworth


Greek Texts/Interlinears

SBL Greek New Testament

Introducing the Society of Biblical Literature Greek New Testament

Nestle-Adland 26

Greek New Testament – This text is “derived” from the N.A. 26.

Westcott & Hort

The Greek New Testament (Gives a lot of comparisions with NA26); this presents the Greek text transliterated; it does not actually have the Greek text itself.

Scribner’s Textus Receptus

Greek Interlinear Bible – Free Downloadable software, or you may download individual chapters (pdf).  Provides the Greek text, a transliteration, an English word-for-word translation, Strong’s numbers, and the King James Version English translation.