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RRD: I have had an earlier edition of this book for many years. It is a great help to those who wish to learn the basics of the Biblical languages, and how to use various helps (Concordances, Lexidons, etc.).

Learn to Read New Testament Greek

Learn to Read New Testament Greek

by David Alan Black


Kindle: USA

An academic staple updated for the first time in fifteen years, David Alan Black’s user-friendly introduction to New Testament Greek keeps discussion of grammar as non-technical as possible. The simplified explanations, basic vocabularies, and abundant exercises are designed to prepare the student for subsequent practical courses in exegesis, while the linguistic emphasis lays the groundwork for later courses in grammar. Revisions to this third edition include updated discussions and scholarship, further back matter vocabulary references, and additional appendices.

“A streamlined introductory grammar that will prove popular in the classroom.”

—Murray J. Harris, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

“Clear charts, clear examples, clear discussion—what more could one want from a beginning grammar!”

—Darrell L. Bock, Dallas Theological Seminary

” . . . combines the strengths of a fairly traditional sequence of topics, in generally manageable chunks with clear explanations fully abreast of modern linguistics.”

—Craig L. Blomberg, Denver Seminary

“Pedagogically conceived, linguistically informed, hermeneutically sensitive, biblically focused—unique among beginning grammars. It sets a new standard.”

—Robert Yarbrough, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

One reader states: “For anyone who is tring to learn Greek but is not already a linguistics expert this book is written for you.”

Another reader comments: “This is a ‘must have’ resource for first year Koine Greek students.”

Regarding using the Kindle edition, one states: “The book appears to be written in a straight-forward, easy-to-understand manner. The problem is that it doesn’t work well for use on Kindle.”

One claims: “Black is readable enough to start any layman toward understanding the rich language of the New Testament.”

This book appears to be highly recommended for anyone wishing to learn Koine Greek; it also makes a good Greek reference book for anyone.

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More to follow, Yahweh willing.

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