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PLEASE NOTE! Our provision of these links to other sites does not mean that we endorse everything stated by the authors, or that the authors necessarily endorse our views. Our Comments in General: While we are to speak consolingly to Israel, the Christian should remember that we are not authorized by our Lord to take part in the politics of the present government of Israel. As with all other nations of this present age, we should remain neutral as far as politics, remembering that God himself through the Kingdom of Christ will cause fulfillment of his prophecies, and His will is going to be done in Israel, regardless of what opposing forces may come against Israel.

The Herald of Christ’s Kingdom – Pastoral Bible Institute

Israel Michael Nekora – Psalm 122:6

The Future of the Nation of Israel Robert Seklemian – Isaiah 2:3

Gathering Out the Stones – Carl Hagensick — Isaiah 62:10-12; Relating the experiences of historic Israel to their future work in God’s kingdom.

Israel for Fifty Years — Isaiah 26:12; A collection of five past Herald articles from each decade of Israel’s history as a nation

Israel’s Grander Jubilee — Acts 1:6; A verse by verse study of Acts 3.

When the Day Break (Poem)

Israel’s Call (Poem)

The Foundation of Israel’s Hopes

Declaration of Israel’s Independence Issued at Tel Aviv on May 14, 1948

A Visit to Where Israel Was Born

Israel in Prophecy – Editor’s Journal — Ezekiel 38:8

The Near Future of Israel Zechariah 10:10 – David Rice.

The Conversion of Israel Matthew 23:39 – Carl Hagensick; The Bible speaks of Israel accepting their Mesiah, but future in God’s own time and way.

This Land is Mine Leviticus 25:23 – Abridged from the booklet of the same name y Chicago Bible Students; An investigation into the promised biblical borders for regathered Israel and God’s promises for both the Jew and the Arab.

God’s Witnesses and Servant Isaish 43:10 – R. E. Evans; God has unconditionally promised certain blessings to the people of Israel.

Jehovah Returns to Zion Zechariah 8:3; A verse by verse study in Zechariah 8.

Real Heroes Isaiah 1:26 – Richard Kindig; The faithful patriarchs, prophets, and others of faith in ancient Israel will be the role models for mankind in the kingdom.

Two Roles in a Future Drama Jeremiah 3:15 – Michael Brann; Restored Israel and their resurrected faithful of old will each have unique and distinct roles to play in God’s Kingdom

Question Box: Who are the Priests and Levits of Isaiah 66:21? James Parkinson, Carl Hagensick, Richard Kindig

Israel Fulfilling Prophecy – What is happening with the Israelites today is evidence that we are living at the end of the age.

Israel’s Return – Timely Study for Both Jews and Gentiles

The Hope of Israel in the Light of the Prophecies of Moses

Israel – What Next? Deuteronomy 26:18,19 – Michael Brann

The Salvation of Israel Romans 11:26; A verse by verse study of Micah 5

The Fig Tree Matthew 24:32-33; Julius Bednarz; The development of a symbol of the nation of Israel

Psalm 122:6; The past, present, and future of God’s “Chosen People”

The Fall and Rise of Many in Israel Luke 2:34 – Reprinted from the Chicago Bible Students Newsletter; The redemption of a backsliding nation.

Comfort Ye, My People Psalm 102:13; A verse by verse study in Isaiah 40

God’s Witness and Servant Micah 5:7 – Richard Evans; The future destiny of a divinely preserved nation.

Israel and the Land Genesis 15:18; A brief consideration of the borders of the “promised land”.

Israel and the Middle East

Israel, The Middle East, and Prophecy An open letter from Christians to Christians.

The Restoration of Israel Morton Edgar; “Israel” and “Judah” in the Latter Days – Questions and Answers

Israel and the Middle East

The Time of Jacob’s Trouble – Jeremiah 30:7; Study of Jeremiah 30.


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